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EeMAP Dutch Case Study Roundtable in Amsterdam 19/01/2018

The third EeMAP National Roundtable, with a focus on Netherlands, took place in Amsterdam on 19 January. The Roundtable brought together experts from the Dutch and European banking, construction, valuation and engineering sectors with a strong interest in building energy efficiency and its financing. The purpose of the event was to gather practical input from […]

EeMAP Energy Efficiency Working Group Meeting in Brussels – 18/01/18

  18/01/18 – EeMAP Energy Efficiency Working Group Meeting in Brussels The EeMAP EE Working Group consists of ten Green Building Councils (GBCs) from the Europe Regional Network of WorldGBC. The group met in Brussels to prepare for forthcoming national workshops, hosted by each of these GBCs, where the initial EeMAP proposals for energy efficient […]

Why Retail Banks should get involved in the EeMAP Initiative?

By Miguel Garcia de Eulate, Head of Capital Markets, Caja Rural de Navarra One can be forgiven for embracing a pessimistic view on the future of retail banking: low margins, huge adaptation costs to digitalisation, and new regulatory burdens are constantly – and rightly – mentioned as the biggest challenges for the industry. However, what […]

EeMAP: High Visibility in the Press and at International Events

We are delighted to share that the EeMAP project is starting to attract attention in both national and international press thanks to efforts of the EeMAP consortium partners and their respective members and contacts to promote and disseminate the Project and its first major findings in relation to the financing of energy efficiency and all […]

Banks to help tackle climate related risks and safeguard financial stability

The days when energy efficient finance was only a vision upheld by few are numbered. Once seen as a niche activity, green and energy efficiency finance is now shaping the international agenda, and green/energy efficiency financial products are scaling-up across industries and capital markets. The political drive for green finance has pushed forward the development of a green […]

EeMAP White Paper: How to Spark a Market in Green Mortgages

By James Drinkwater, Regional Director, Europe Network – World Green Building Council If you look deep into the dynamics of the property sector, there are two groups of actors that have a greater influence than any others: building occupants and institutional investors. The behaviour of these two groups will, to a large degree, determine whether […]

Finnish national roundtable on EeMAP in Helsinki- 20/12/17

20/12/17 Finnish national roundtable on EeMAP, convened by GBC Finland This meeting in Helsinki brought together stakeholders from the Finnish banking, construction, valuation and engineering sectors with a strong interest in building energy efficiency and its financing. The Green Building Council of Finland presented an early draft of its EeMAP Finnish market brief, due to […]

Individual Building Renovation Roadmaps (iBRoad): Developing customised tools for deep renovation and comfortable energy efficient homes

By Mariangiola Fabbri, Senior Project Manager, Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE) In Europe, buildings are responsible for around 40% of energy consumption. Without a long-term plan to renovate and decarbonise the European building stock, the road to achieve the EU’s climate and energy objectives and the Paris Climate Agreement commitments will be long and winding. […]