Check out all European organisations which are involved in the Energy efficient Mortgages Pilot Scheme and our initiative’s coverage of the mortgage market in each jurisdiction

Map 1

70 confirmed participants (41 banks and 29 other organisations)

*in the map three participating institutions are not depicted, AmTrust International, EBC and S&P, due to their international scope

Map 2

Coverage of pilot banks to total mortgage outstanding in 2017*

*Banks’ mortgage outstanding has been extracted from the respective End-2017 Investor Reports. The total outstanding of the country is based on the Hypostat 2017 figures.

**100% is depicted when the national association which covers the entire national market is participating in the pilot scheme.

For the purposes of the Pilot Scheme, the following European banks have committed to test the implementation of the energy efficient mortgages framework into existing product lines and processes, prior to an anticipated roll-out of an energy efficient mortgage product in the future.