An initiative that aims to create a standardised energy efficient mortgage


Initiative’s partners

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Bridging the renovation gap through private financing


The Initiative’s Concept

The EeMAP is a market-led Initiative focussed on the design and delivery of an “energy efficient mortgage”, which is intended to incentivise and channel private capital into energy efficiency investments.

The Methodology

The EaMAP builds on two key assumptions, which have already been recognised across a series of market and academic studies, and which will be further substantiated during the EeMAP Initiative…

Broader Political Perspective

The underlying business case of the EeMAP Initiative, also interrelate with a broader set of political priorities including Energy Efficiency, Jobs and Growth and Financial Stability.

What our stakeholders say!

“Investments in energy efficiency renovation is a golden opportunity and I am happy to see that EeMAP will kick off these efforts.”

Bendt BendtsenMEP and Rapporteur on the Energy Performance of Buildings DirectiveWikiTravel

“With the EeMAP Initiative, the mortgage sector and bankers could become the new heroes of climate change.”

Adrien BullierEuropean CommissionMedia Wiki

“I am here today to say that this Initiative is exactly what we need because this Initiative puts together the need of changing the world in a way and of adapting to a reality of climate change and to the urgency of dealing with it.”

Monica FrassoniEuropean Alliance to Save EnergyMax Mobilcom

“This Initiative has the potential to give really robust risk based data which will enable prudential regulates to say “yes” we can change the rules.”

Nick RobinsUNEP FIDoom Inc

“Banks have a major role to play in financing economic, social or environmental policy swift.”

Giovanni SabatiniGeneral Manager of the Italian Banking Association

“The price of doing nothing is too high, and we really must find a way to renovation our housing stock in a partnership with both the pubic sector and the private mortgage sector.”

David RosenDavid Rosen Associate

“The more regulation put in place for new buildings the more this market will grow. The more regulation put in place for old buildings and refurbishment, the more this market will grow.”

Peter CoveliersEuropean Investment Fund

“We see a lot of value in this Initiative”

Agnès GourcBNP Paribas