Nationale Nederlande to join the Energy Efficient Mortgages Initiative

The Energy Efficient Mortgage Label is delighted to welcome Nationale Nederlanden as the second Dutch lending institution to join the Energy Efficient Mortgage Label (EEM Label).

At the same time, Nationale Nederlanden is also joining the Energy Efficient Mortgages Initiative (EEMI) hence further strengthening the presence of the Initiative on the Dutch market.

Against a background where buildings account for 40% of the EU’s energy consumption, the EEM Label marks the continuity of the EEMI and aims to step up and accelerate the support of the private finance market to the EU Renovation Wave Strategy and the EU Green Deal.

The EEM Label provides a clear and transparent quality label for consumers, lenders and investors, aimed at identifying energy efficient mortgages (EEM) and other loan products in lending institutions’ portfolios, which finance the purchase/construction and/or renovation of both residential and commercial buildings, with a focus on building energy performance.

In broader terms, the EEMI is intended to design a new, integrated, multi-stakeholder ecosystem – bringing together banks, investors, utilities and public authorities to name but a few – focussed on the development of a market in energy efficient mortgages. The overall objective of the Initiative is to stimulate and finance investment in energy efficient buildings and energy saving renovations, and by doing so help to secure a greener and more sustainable future for all.

These initiatives will also help to ensure that the Recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic is “green” and will contribute to the NextGenerationEU vision.

Commenting on this, EEM Label Administrator, Luca Bertalot said:

We are delighted to welcome Nationale Nederlanden  to the EEM Label and EEMI. The steady growth of memberships of both Initiatives is a sign of their relevance to key market players, and marks a further step forward in our continuous efforts to build a comprehensive ecosystem around Energy Efficient Mortgages across Europe.”

Marcel Zuidam , CEO of Nationale Nederlanden, stated:

Nationale-Nederlanden Bank is actively working on enabling a sustainable housing market for our customers and so contributing to the realization of the commitment of the financial sector to the Dutch climate agreement. By joining the EEMI and EEML initiative, we can actively contribute to the development of sustainable investments in energy-efficient mortgage loans at Nationale-Nederlanden Bank and our sustainable mortgage label Woonnu.’