Project Website D7.2

The project website has been officially launched on July 17th, 2017 at the URL address

Nowadays, internet websites represent one of the primary media for the dissemination of project’s activities. Therefore, the design and setup of the EeMAP website has been one of the first tasks of the project. A first version of the website – with basic information on project’s aims, concept and methodology, consortium – has been online since May 31st, 2017 (Month 1).

EeMAP dissemination activities are essential for the achievement of its objectives. The dissemination actions are addressing both targeted expert groups and communities and a broad audience, and intend to build and engage an ‘energy efficient community’ around.

Dissemination through the website aims at raising:

awareness (making the project’s work known): to reach awareness of the EeMAP motivation and reasoning behind the project objectives, concepts and the relevant results achieved;

understanding (enter in discussion): when the target group addressed understand enough the concepts and look for the results to be applied to their problems;

action (influence): to involve relevant stakeholders and to receive feedback towards the project results.

The activities related to the website maintenance and continuous updates are scheduled in the work package WP7 – Networking and dissemination.

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